Welcome to the NWCPEA European School Sports Day!

What if every child could #BeActive in school with sport and play?
What if every school took one day to celebrate sport in Europe?
Could it help students to kick-off a lifetime of health?
We say YES! Join us!

If you want to join a community of 9,000 schools from across Europe, with 3 million participants, then join us at the North Western Counties PE Association by taking part in the European School Sport Day on Friday 24th September 2021

All you need to do is register your school for free entry to the event and ensure that the pupils in your school are active for at least 120 minutes on Friday 24th September.

Register Now!

Here are the top five reasons to join the European School Sport Day:

  • Raise the profile of physical education (PE) and sport in schools.
  • Create fun and enjoyment through physical activity for young people.
  • Promote health and wellbeing for lifelong learning.
  • Encourage social inclusion and develop social competence amongst students.
  • Connect with other European countries.

We look forward to sharing your stories about how you have raised the profile of PE in your school and how you have encouraged all pupils to be active for 120 minutes during this special event.

Join the community. Be part of the 120 CHALLENGE and #BeActive!

For more information about the whole event, please visit: http://www.essd.eu/

2021 European School Sports Day

Welcome to the 2021 European School Sports Day hosted by the North Western Counties PE Association! We are excited that you are joining over 9,000 schools from all over Europe in this fantastic event to celebrate the importance of sport and physical activity in our lives.

Get started straight away by watching our warm-up video and then scroll down to Get Active!

Good luck and enjoy this year's European School Sports Day!

Get Active!

Your challenge for today is to complete 120 minutes of physical activity from any of our activities, because we know that doing exercise every day is good for our health and wellbeing!

  • Download the Activity Worksheet (below)
  • Choose any of the Activities (below) and follow the instructions for each activity.
  • On your worksheet, write down your activities during the day and how many minutes each activity takes.
  • When you have completed your 120 minutes, download your Certificate of Achievement.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back! Congratulations, you've done it!
Download Activity Worksheet (Microsoft Word)

Hopefully in the future, you will continue to be physically active every day, to be healthy and feel good about yourself!

Choose Your Activities

Get moving with these fantastic activity ideas, brought to you by the North Western Counties Physical Education Association, Lancashire County Council, Active Lancashire and Lancashire School Games Organisers!

Ages 5-7 (Key Stage 1)

Underarm Throw
Running Fast
Catching & Receiving
Overarm Throw
Rolling A Ball
Bouncing A Ball
Gymnastics: Balance 1
Gymnastics: Balance 2
Gymnastics: Sequence
Dance: Minibeasts
Dance: Goldilocks

Ages 7-11 (Key Stage 2)

Athletics 1

Outdoor Adventurous Activities
Tri Golf Challenge
Invasion Games
Net & Wall Games
Striking & Fielding
Physical Tetris

Athletics 2

Games Maker
Design A Game Competition

Ages 5-11 (KS1 & KS2 Combined) - Sports Day!

See below for a Sports Day resource combining activities and personal best challenges!
Sports Day

Certificate of Achievement

If you've completed your 120 minutes of activity, click below to download your Certificate of Achievement!

Download Certificate (PDF)

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