KS2 Activity: Orienteering

The aim of this activity is to make an orienteering map to use at home and to design a course!

Start by downloading the Activity Brochure, then watch the demonstration video below.

Download Activity Brochure (PDF)

Skill Challenge: Create an Orienteering Map!


Create a big map; it can include the whole of your downstairs and if you have a garden/yard then that too.
Choose a colour or pattern to fill in each item you have drawn on your map and add a key to show what all of the colours and patterns represent.
Draw a triangle on your map where you want your map reader to start from.
On your map, draw small circles in pencil where you want your ‘control points’ (this is where you want your map reader to look). Use a pencil to write numbers in these circles on your map.
Decide on a word that you would like your controls to spell out and hide a letter of that word at each of your control points.
Challenge someone in your house to have a go at your orienteering course. How quickly can they complete it? Can they put your letters together to spell out your word? Can somebody else have a go and beat their time?

Skill Challenge: Have a go at an Orienteering Course!


Now you have created a map you can rub your control points out (numbers with circles) and someone you live with can create a course for you.
The person creating the new course must put letters in new places around your house/garden to spell out a new word. They must then draw circles with a number in, on your map where they have hid these new letters.
You are now ready to have a go at the new course yourself! See how fast you can find the letters and spell out the word. Can someone else in your house have a go and try to beat your time?
Now that you know how to create an orienteering map you can create as many maps as you like and challenge people in your house or be challenged by them!

Watch the video demonstration below!

Are you finished?

Remember to track your progress on your Activity Worksheet so it counts towards your 120 minutes of activity, then go back and choose another activity!

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