KS2 Activity: Striking/Fielding Games

The aim of this activity is to develop skills that will help in striking/fielding games!

Start by downloading the Activity Brochure, then watch the demonstration video below.

Download Activity Brochure (PDF)

Skill Challenge: Cricket!

Challenge yourself, and your friends, to see who can gain the most points in our Cricket Challenge!

You will need:

A tennis ball, 20 pairs of socks and a target to bowl at.


Make a target/ set of stumps and place an object 12 paces away to mark where to bowl from. Place 20 pairs of socks 2 paces in front of the target/stumps (4 rows of 5 pairs). Player bowls the ball and tries to hit the socks and the target/stumps. If the ball hits a pair of socks they are taken away and the player scores 1 point, if the ball hits the target/stumps they also score a point. How many points can the player score in 90 seconds?

To make it:

Easier – Move the target closer e.g. 10 paces rather than 12 or put more than 20 pairs of socks down
Harder – Bowl from further away e.g. 14 or 16 paces away.
Inclusive – use a larger but light ball e.g beach ball, volleyball

Watch the video demonstration below!

Are you finished?

Remember to track your progress on your Activity Worksheet so it counts towards your 120 minutes of activity, then go back and choose another activity!

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