KS1 Activity: Bouncing A Ball

The aim of this activity is to develop your bouncing skills!

Start by downloading the Activity Brochure, then watch the demonstration video below.

Download Activity Brochure (PDF)

Skill Challenge: Bumble Bee Bounce!

How fast can you bounce a ball from flower to flower, landing on each flower and collecting your pollen?

You will need:

A stopwatch or mobile phone
12 toys or household items to mark out your “flowers”
A ball


Set up 3 areas out in your space with household objects, around 2 metres square each, these are your flowers and you are the Bouncing Bumble Bee.
The Bumble Bee travels to each flower and collects the pollen and moves on.
The timer starts, and the players sets off bouncing the ball towards the first “flower”. Stop when you get there and bounce the ball 5 times.
Once done, move on to the next “flower” and repeat.
Repeat again for the last flower then return to the beginning.
The clock stops and make a note of the time. Try to beat your time on the next go.
Don’t worry if you stop bouncing, just pick the ball up and continue.

Watch the video demonstration below!

Are you finished?

Remember to track your progress on your Activity Worksheet so it counts towards your 120 minutes of activity, then go back and choose another activity!

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