KS2 Activity: Athletics 2

The aim of this activity is to estimate how far you can run in 2 and 3 seconds, to run as far as possible in 2 and then 3 seconds and to create a series of 5 different jumps to cover the distance run in 2 and 3 seconds!

Start by downloading the Activity Brochure, then watch the demonstration video below.

Download Activity Brochure (PDF)

Skill Challenge: Obstacle Race!

You will need:

1 x tea towel folded into a marker for your speed bounce
1 x pair of balled up socks to balance on your head
1 x toy or object to act as a marker
1 x bucket for your target
1 x skipping rope (if no rope, skip without) or marker


Set up as in the diagram (on the activity brochure) - using the space you have available.
Place your folded tea towel at the start for the speed bounce and your pair of socks just to the side.
Take two big steps forward and lay down a toy or object to act as marker one, take two big steps forward from this marker and set down you bucket/basket or box, take two big steps forward from your bucket and lay down your skipping rope (if you have no skipping rope, set down another marker, take two big steps forward and set out your finish line.
Parent starts the watch and shouts ‘go’,
Start with 6 speed bounces, then pick up the sock, place it on your head and travel to marker one.
Take the sock off your head and throw into bucket, it must go in before moving on. If miss, collect come back and throw again. Run to the bucket and jump 2-foot to foot through to the skipping rope or marker two.
Skip through to the finish line. Parent stops the clock as you pass through the finish line.
Have another go and try and beat your first time, challenge a parent, carer or sibling

Watch the video demonstration below!

Are you finished?

Remember to track your progress on your Activity Worksheet so it counts towards your 120 minutes of activity, then go back and choose another activity!

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