KS2 Activity - Creative Dance

The aim of this activity is to make a dance sequence with a travel, turn, jump, moment of stillness and lots of gestures throughout!

Start by downloading the Activity Brochure, then watch the demonstration video below.

Download Activity Brochure (PDF)

Skill Challenge - Rounders/Dance

Challenge yourself, and your friends, to see who can create the best routine in our Rounders Dance Challenge!

You will need:

A pair of sticks / wooden spoons / cardboard rolls / rounders bats / access to a music track.


Choose an upbeat song with a strong beat.
Using the ideas within the video demo, either copy the routine or make up your own.
Try and change your dance move on every 8th count. Feel free to repeat them. Strike your sticks / implements together or on the floor on the beats as loudly as you can!

To make it:

Easier – just use your hands to clap the beat
Harder – try a heavier set of stick and try using a track with a quicker beat
Inclusive – try kneeling down so you are using just your arms

Are you finished?

Remember to track your progress on your Activity Worksheet so it counts towards your 120 minutes of activity, then go back and choose another activity!

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