The Gill Parry Best Practice in PE Award goes to…

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Wright Robinson College (Secondary Award Winners)

Many congratulations to the PE department at Wright Robinson College on this fantastic achievement! Here is what the PE department had to say:

‘My mind my body’ was an initiative created by the PE department to increase awareness of the importance of physical activity on the mind and body, with a focus on the physical, mental and social benefits. In the first instance, it was a two-week enrichment programme where the PE timetable was collapsed and the pupils followed a set programme, which consisted of different activities in PE lessons and across school. WRC staff, outside agencies (army, bikeability, fire brigade) and the pastoral team, ran the sessions.

As a result of the feedback from the students regarding the two weeks and the excitement it created around school it was felt that this initiative needed to be more than a ‘bolt on’ project and needed to embed into school life.

As a department, we adjusted our PE curriculum and designed a unit of work based around the My Mind My Body concept. The focus of this unit is to educate the pupils on self-care and the importance of exercise for social, physical and mental well-being. This unit was adapted during lockdown where PE lessons focused on wellbeing.

The extra-curricular programme was adapted and the ‘Let’s Play’ clubs were introduced. These were activities where students could just play for physical, social or mental reasons and there was no pressure to join teams, compete against others or be coached. Before lockdown began, we had over 1,200 pupils each week taking part in the Let’s Play programme. Recently students have become Young Mental Health Champions and have started training to work with other young people within school.

The success of the initiative was a catalyst for a whole school approach towards mental health and wellbeing, which resulted in the appointment of a Mental Health and Wellbeing lead. Throughout the year, different departments deliver My Mind My Body through their curriculum. For example, in English students look at physical activity and wellbeing through poems, in MFL they studied a full topic on Healthy eating and sporting activities and in PSHE it has been used to enhance the ‘I Matter’ curriculum. The pastoral team have also taken the idea and have added My Mind My Body into the form time programme with morning walks, well-being Wednesdays and informative assemblies.

The whole school approach was taken further to involve all staff (both teaching and non-teaching), parents and the wider community. Staff have been provided with Staff care training and a My Mind My Body wall for support and information. There is focus each week and a monthly newsletter with local events, staff competitions and a timetable of gym/facility use. Parents and the wider community are provided with newsletters with information about local support groups, events within the community and self-care advice and a monthly health and wellbeing bulletin.

Many congratulations again for the NWCPEA

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