COVID-19 Position Statement

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The NWCPEA endorses the European Physical Education Association’s (EUPEA) Position Statement on Physical Education during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As stated in EUPEA’s document, Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way education systems function in Europe. The new learning environment for pupils, teachers and school leaders needs serious attention from all, on what concerns the impact on the pupils’ development. We therefore support the following views:

  • Physical Education curricular time must be ensured at least to the level established prior to the crisis.
  • Physical Education should not be confused with a single and unstructured offer of physical activity/physical fitness (as the one offered by the digital media).
  • Physical Education must be taught by professionally trained and qualified teachers for this purpose.
  • Physical activity facilities, both indoors and outdoors, must be reserved for the compulsory Physical Education lessons.
  • The face to face Physical Education lesson is the only way of learning physical activities and to maintain control and quality.
  • Physical Education must be delivered by assuring the principles of eclecticism and inclusion.
  • Physical Education must rise above the challenge of the crisis, whilst respecting national health guidelines.
  • Schools and teachers adopt safe practices in relation to sanitisation for pupils and equipment, in accordance with School Board policies.
  • At national and local levels, representatives of the physical education profession must work with politicians, parents, school directors and decision makers, to achieve the demands.

The full Position Statement can be accessed HERE.

Thank you to our European partners for their ongoing efforts to promote Physical Education as a fundamental part of learning in school.


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