European School Sports Day 2021!

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What if every child could #BeActive in school with sport and play? What if every school took one day to celebrate sport in Europe? Could it help students to kick-off a lifetime of health? We say YES. Join us and REGISTER HERE!

Plenty of research shows that #Being active makes students healthier and better learners in the classroom. School spirit improves too with fun and inclusive team sports. Does your school have a sports day? Let’s organise one!

1. Raise the profile of physical education (PE) and sport in schools
2. Create fun and enjoyment through physical activity for young people
3. Promote health and wellbeing for lifelong learning
4. Encourage social inclusion and develop social competence amongst students
5. Connect with other European countries

Sign your school up and become part of 3 million participants from 9,000 schools across Europe! All it takes is to get your school to #BeActive for at least 120 minutes on the day, and the NWCPEA will soon be sharing resources and video guidance about how to do this!

The event will take place on Friday 24th September, 2021.

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